Top R4P Videos
The most epic race videos from around the globe!

2016 Antarctica Marathon

40+ mph winds, 4 seasons of weather and penguins!

2018 Tokyo Marathon - Marathon Major #6

Full circle to complete my 6th Abbott World Major Marathon

2013 Boston Marathon - Almost to the finish line

I WILL come back and finish what I started -Jason F. Boschan, 4/16/13

2014 Boston Marathon - I Will Finish What I Started

For the past 371 days, I have gone to bed and woken up thinking of solely returning back to #BostonMarathon and finishing what I started a year ago when I was stopped at mile 25.8 due to the explosions.

Big 5 Marathon - "The Wildest of Them All"

No fences. No rivers. Nothing separating runners from animals.

2016 Athens Marathon

THE Authentic Marathon Race Route

Great Wall of China Marathon - 5,164 steps was only the beginning...

Mission Accomplished: 7 hrs, 30 mins, 52 secs – only 570 runners finished.

2015 Nevis Bungy Jump - 440 Foot Drop!

A mere 8+ leap of faith from high above!

2015 Outback Marathon

Red clay for days in the land down under!

2017 Berlin Marathon - This is Berlin

Flat, Fast and 99% Humidity.

2015 Chicago Marathon

29 neighborhoods + 85 degrees in October = 13.1 miles of cramps!

2014 Rio Marathon - Running in a Monsoon

I was not stopping. Not now, maybe not ever again.

2019 Mount Rushmore Half Marathon

Fulfilling My Promise to Papa

2018 Pike's Peak Ascent

The Highest Elevation Half Marathon

2017 OKC Memorial Marathon

A Run to Remember

2016 Hatfield and McCoy Double Half Marathon

No Fuedin', Just Runinng!

2017 Gasparilla Distance Classic

4 races. 4 T-shirts. 5 freaking medals, 2 days. Yes you read that correctly.

2017 Santa Hustle Half

2,500 Santa's Running in Style.

2017 Flying Pig Marathon - Skyline Chili 3-Way

Pigs with Wings: Yes, they actually exist.

2017 Shipyard Old Port Half

When in Maine, Run with Lobsters.

2017 Philly Rock 'N Roll Half

Rocky, Philly Cheesesteaks and a Sea of Green

2017 Wine Country Half

Vino for Days

2017 Mad Half

The Hills of Vermont

2017 Savannah Rock 'N Roll Half

Deep South Humidity

2014 Launch Video - On a Global Stage

Dementia is not restricted to a single location. It is a global problem.

What exactly can be accomplished in 315 Days? PLENTY!

9 states + 500 miles logged = $54,000 raised

My Goal: Fund the 1st National Dementia Speech Therapy Trial!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. -Oscar Wilde

Support the Journey: Be Part of the Solution!

Be a game changer, the world has enough followers.