Inspired by my “Papa,” a pediatrician of 50+ years who lost his battle to dementia.

The most patient and selfless man with the most gentle smile in the room. A pediatrician for 50+ years who cared for thousands of children and eased the concerns of their parents. An extraordinary man, father, grandfather who would do anything and everything for another human being.
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I’m a marketer by day, runner and dementia fundraiser by night. I am extremely passionate about raising awareness and funds for dementia research. Since I’ll sleep plenty when I am dead, I figured why not do anything and everything possible to find a cure for this vicious disease.
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Northwestern University
With decades of experience studying Alzheimer’s and other related dementia, Northwestern University is a world-renowned research facility. Over 50 researchers and clinicians in 14 departments contribute to the mission of enhancing patient treatment and ultimately seeking a cure to this vicious disease.
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Speaking is my passion and I want to share my knowledge with you. Book 4RP today!


The Hatfield and McCoy Marathon: No Feudin’, Just Running!

The Historic Feud: Family, Honor, Justice, Revenge and a Vicious 26.2

The Hatfields and McCoys. Mere mention of their names stirs up visions of a lawless and unrelenting family feud that would span generations. The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon lived up to its reputation of being the Weather Channels “15 toughest

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How the Love of Music and Alzheimer’s Connected Over 130 People Together

 3 Total Strangers Found a Way
Imagine losing your mom. Now imagine losing your mom and your partner’s mom in the same year due to Alzheimer’s. This is how I was introduced to Susan Hilger and Tim Minkkinen, owners of Tahti Guitars in Charlotte, North Carolina. We spoke on the phone

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R4P Runs 104 Stories at World Trade One for the First Responders of 9/11

 Running UP the Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere
Every once in a while something very important comes along which enables Run4Papa to support other worthy causes and this is one of them. The Siller Family started the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation to honor the memory of their

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