Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Will YOU be at the next 5K? THEY WILL.

I admit, I was nervous. Would people show? Check that…would anyone show? I arrived at the Little Sugar Creek Greenway 30 minutes prior to the 5K and proceeded to walk up and down the running path holding my sign as high as my skinny arms would extend. Runners stopped to ask “Who is Papa?” while others mumbled to themselves “Run4Papa” as they jogged by. Car after car crawled passed the Greenway looking at the random foliage behind me or reading my sign ever so carefully. I hope it was the latter, no offense foliage.

As 6:30PM crept up faster than my taxes, 7 people showed up to run/walk the 5K; 3 others stopped and decided to be a part of our group. On the outside, I was happy. On the inside, little mini men were rummaging around, jumping up and down as if they were on trampolines. As we took off from East Blvd and made our trek through the scenic Greenway, I was stopped numerous times and asked about the signage. I enthusiastically informed the curious onlookers that 4 more 5K’s were planned every other day throughout the city of Charlotte.

Between being stopped by other runners, bikers and people sitting having a drink at the Metropolitan, tonight’s 1st ever 5K for $5K Challenge was an instant winner. Running toward uptown Charlotte as the sun was dropping below the horizon was as soothing as walking barefoot on a beach.

People cared. They cared to show up. They cared to support the journey. They all knew someone with dementia and that was what unified this small group of runners tonight. And that was more than enough.

When is the next  5K race?

Friday, May 4th at 6:30PM. Location: Freedom Park next to the bridge. This is an open invite and ALL are welcome. The more the merrier!

And by the feedback and emails in my inbox, I believe this challenge will continue to grow in people, awareness and funds raised for PPA research.

1 in the books, 4 more to go!


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  1. I thought I saw a something… Lets go TEAM WHITEWATER!


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