Southpark Mall

Are you on the “Gump” bandwagon yet? THEY ARE.

The day after Cinco de May. Final Round of the Wells Fargo Golf Championship. The threat of T-storms. All these would’ve been legitimate reasons to be relaxing on a Sunday afternoon out in the Queen City. Yet, for a handful of dedicated supporters, they chose to drive to Southpark Mall and support THE CAUSE. And boy, did they do an unbelievable job of promoting Run4Papa!

We met at the amphitheater in Southpark, introduced ourselves to one another, snapped a couple pictures and began running around the perimeter of the mall. The younger runners were so enthused about participating, they asked to carry the signs throughout the 5K! They showed each and every car, shopper and customer dining outside why they came together for an hour this afternoon: They raised awareness. They supported the journey. And they did it all with smiles from ear-to-ear.

As we made our way around the mall, we ran by eatery after eatery as well as store after store. What surprised this entire crew the most was Isha running ahead by a good distance pushing her little boy, MaKai, in a stroller. She was flying and finished well ahead of everyone. Now that is inspiring!

To be honest with you, I think this crew could’ve easily ran a 10K! They barely seemed tired by the end. Yes, maybe some of them were a decade (or more) younger than yours truly, but it was a pleasure to see that level of joie de voivre amongst this bunch.

And as  promised, we will keep running/walking a 5K every other day until the remaining $5K is raised. And if this face doesn’t make you want to attend the next 5K for $5K, nothing will!

When is the next 5K race?

Tuesday, May 8th at 6:30PM. Location: S. Tryon/Trade St in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. This is an open invite and ALL are welcome. The more the merrier! This 5K should garner a TON of buzz and excitement!

3 down, 2 remain!

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

To make a donation go to: PPA Research and Education Fund (Run4Papa)

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