Opedix is dedicated to developing revolutionary products that provide support, allowing the body to perform more efficiently with less wear and tear. Our products are conceived and developed within the medical and scientific world, and are tested using clinical research protocols. 

When running and even walking, forces travel through the feet and up to the knees. These forces can push the knee joint to the outside and inside creating wear points within the knee joint where most of the “load” is borne. The Opedix Knee Support tights act to counter these forces and reduce the load. They were specifically developed for people who suffer from some knee discomfort, or just want to help preserve their knee function. Just listen to our customers and watch our video “Skiing & Your Knees.” You may be a runner, but this video will help you better understand how our product can help you with running and more.


Real Science. Real Evidence. Real Results. That’s Opedix.



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