Which location is next for R4P?

Adventure Marathon – 4 Unique Challenges

Spanning the globe, Adventure Marathon’s four challenges take runners to the most beautiful corners of the world. From the Greenlandic ice sheet to the African savannah, from the Great Wall of China to the Great Barrier Reef, runners will experience challenging

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2012 R4P Montage

315 Days of Memories – Journey from Start to Finish

AT LONG LAST! Here is the FINAL R4P montage video of this campaign: a look-back from START to FINISH and everything in between. What exactly can be accomplished in 315 Days? PLENTY!
With a total of 9

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Next and Final Stop…

Great Wall of China Marat

Dear Friends,
With Beijing in my sights, I am now focused on the journey ahead to the Great Wall of China Marathon. It’s hard to believe just over 300 days ago I was staring at a computer screen that had 12 characters flashing

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My Journey Begins

Hello, my name is Jason F. Boschan and I am embarking on a journey to create awareness and raise funds for PPA research locally, nationally and internationally by running the 2012 GREAT WALL OF CHINA MARATHON on behalf of my grandfather and others battling this disease.
I have partnered with

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