My First Tower Race

94 flights, 1,632 steps, 4,000 competitors and 1500 feet high above the ground is where I intend to be 30 mins or so after this race! I have been greatly looking forward to coming to the Windy City and tackling my first ever Tower Race in preparation for The Great Wall of China Marathon and it’s 5,164 steps along the way.

I think this will be an excellent barometer for where my current level of fitness stands and I am eager to run up this building that has a view spanning 4 states – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The Observatory elevators of the John Hancock center travel 94 floors at a top speed of 1800 ft/min (20.5 mph). My hope is to race up these stairs and enjoy a nice cold beverage on the way down…in the elevator!

I look forward to this challenge today and cannot wait to show photos, video highlights and write a story on this wonderful opportunity and experience to run on behalf of my Papa along with all patients and families fighting against PPA…

In the battle of Run4Papa v. Hancock Building, my early predication is MAN shall conquer on this day…

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