Looking to Conquer my 5th Marathon on my 4th Continent

2013 Goal
Only five short months ago, Run4Papa had the goal of funding the 1st National PPA speech therapy trial in history! This year, I decided to run all my races in scrubs and a lab-coat to bring more awareness to the cause. I am proud to announce that not only did we meet our initial goal of $25,000, but we currently have two patients enrolled in the study!

Looking to Donate?
If you are still looking to make a donation, there are 8 days remaining in our 2013 campaign. Please go to: http://www.giving.northwestern.edu/nu/CNADC

South Africa
Today, I head to South Africa to conquer my 5th Marathon on my 4th continent as I look to participate in one of the most exclusive marathon races in the world: The Big 5 Marathon. This race takes place on an open animal reserve. No fences, no rivers, nothing at all separates the runners from the African wildlife. The “Big 5 Game” refers to following dangerous animals within the run: Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Buffalo.

Where did I run in 2013?
Illinois (Shamrock Shuffle 8K), Massachusetts (Boston Marathon), Nebraska (Red Kettle Run 5K), North Carolina (Color Run, Frigid 5K, Leatherwood Ultra Trail Run, OrthoCarolina 10K, 49er Gold Rush), Nevada (Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon), and Tennessee (Music Row).

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing some amazing pictures and footage from the Big 5 Marathon!

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