MY Big 5 Marathon Video

2013 Big 5 Marathon is the wildest of them all!

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This was the hardest race of my life! 10 times harder than the Great Wall of China!
I was nervous. And if you saw what

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MY Big 5 Marathon Run in South Africa

The Hardest Race of my Life!
Inspection Day
I was nervous. And if you saw what I witnessed during our inspection drive the day before the race, you would be as well. Eager to see this course, I sat shotgun next to the ranger who took our group on quite

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Headed to South Africa for the Big 5 Marathon!

Looking to Conquer my 5th Marathon on my 4th Continent

2013 Goal
Only five short months ago, Run4Papa had the goal of funding the 1st National PPA speech therapy trial in history! This year, I decided to run all my races in scrubs and a lab-coat to bring more

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