Help Support the Climb of 5,164 

Here is an opportunity to come together for a special reunion to honor and meet up with Dr. Louis “Papa” Heyman in the local Metro Detroit area on October 9th, 2011.

Since there are 5,164 steps to climb and descend on the Great Wall of China Marathon, we thought it would be a creative way to organize a fundraiser where former patients, employees, colleagues, students, friends and family can help pledge $1 a step to reach the goal of 5,164.

Platinum                                                                         500  Steps

Gold                                                                                250  Steps

Silver                                                                               100  Steps

Bronze                                                                              50   Steps

Other                                                                                $1 a Step

Please respond if you think you would be interested in being a part of this special occasion in the upcoming future: [email protected]

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