1,000+ people donate to R4P

Thank you!!!

We want to extend a special thank you to each and everyone who chose to support the R4P campaign this year. It takes a lot of people to make such a wonderful campaign come together, and we are so very appreciative of your generosity. To all the

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We reached our goal of $50,000!

$50,000 Donated to the Cause – Thank You!
With great respect, humility and support, I am pleased to announce Run4Papa has OFFICIALLY reached the $50,000 goal toward PPA research! IN FACT, we are currently at $51,619 and rising!!!
I cannot thank you enough for ALL your help along this remarkable

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5K for $5K RUN/WALK Challenge

 How can you turn $5 into $5000?

By having 1,000 people come together to donate $5 for Primary Progressive Aphasia Research. With less than 20 days to go to the Great Wall of China Marathon, I am only $5,000 from my goal of $50,000, 100% of which will go to

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30 Days to Go!

Running For Papa – 30 Days to Go!

Dear Friends,
With 30 days remaining and $44,000 contributed, I thank you for every dollar raised so far. WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach our goal of $50,000! As “Papa” has always selflessly and willingly offered his

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2012 Northwestern CNADC PPA Conference

One Voice: Caring for EVERYONE with PPA

The 2012 CNADC PPA Caregiver Conference was an important day for those of us with loved one’s battling PPA. We had the sharpest minds in the field educating us on how to help those we love the most. As the morning kicked

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In Honor of

Want your loved one’s name on my running shirt?
Here is your chance to make a contribution and have your loved one’s name placed on the back of my running shirt in honor of their battle against PPA during the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2012.
For special dedication, go

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National PPA Conference

 An Average Person Doing Extraordinary Things

 2012 Annual PPA Conference – Saturday, March 24th
Thorne Auditorium, Rubloff Building
375 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
Come out this weekend and help Support the Journey to raise awareness for all those battling PPA everyday!
Click on Event Itinerary
Jason Boschan has partnered with the

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2012 Northwestern CNADC Fundraiser

A Night of Awareness in the Windy City

Leaving 70 degree weather behind in Charlotte, North Carolina and heading up north to the Windy City of 25 degrees, blistering winds and snow may not sound ideal on paper; however, when such a tremendous group of people come together for

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