Rose Goes Quiet

To support Rose’s silence visit:

Rose, who works at Connect, is doing a 3 day sponsored silence as part of our Fantastic 50 challenge – to raise money and awareness for Connect and people with aphasia.

“I am too lazy to run a marathon and I have already jumped out of a plane so I have decided to do… a sponsored silence!!

I will therefore not talk for 3 whole days! That is 72 hours or 4320 minutes or 259,200 seconds not saying a word!!! For many of you that know me well, this is going to be a real challenge!!

I am not doing this for fun but I am doing it for an amazing charity called Connect, who provide vital support for people with aphasia.

Every 11 minutes, 3 people will have a stroke, 1 of them will loose the ability to communicate. This is called aphasia and can happen to anyone at any time. Some people cannot speak at all, others can no longer read, write or use numbers.

This challenge will be no comparison to actually having aphasia however I hope it will highlight how devastating it can be when you loose your speech in an instant.”


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