2012 R4P Montage

315 Days of Memories – Journey from Start to Finish

AT LONG LAST! Here is the FINAL R4P montage video of this campaign: a look-back from START to FINISH and everything in between. What exactly can be accomplished in 315 Days? PLENTY!
With a total of 9

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My Great Wall of China Marathon Run

The World’s Toughest Marathon
A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step
315 days ago, I was staring at a screen with a only 12 characters:
Below the title? A flashing cursor and a blank screen. Fast forward to today – May 19th,

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Inspection Day

The Long Road Ahead – 2 days before race day

Inspection Day? Never heard of an inspection 2 days before any race in the past, but fortunately, and I do mean FORTUNATELY, this was an essential part of the Great Wall of China Marathon experience.
Staying at the

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Next and Final Stop…

Great Wall of China Marat

Dear Friends,
With Beijing in my sights, I am now focused on the journey ahead to the Great Wall of China Marathon. It’s hard to believe just over 300 days ago I was staring at a computer screen that had 12 characters flashing

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We reached our goal of $50,000!

$50,000 Donated to the Cause – Thank You!
With great respect, humility and support, I am pleased to announce Run4Papa has OFFICIALLY reached the $50,000 goal toward PPA research! IN FACT, we are currently at $51,619 and rising!!!
I cannot thank you enough for ALL your help along this remarkable

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In Honor of

Want your loved one’s name on my running shirt?
Here is your chance to make a contribution and have your loved one’s name placed on the back of my running shirt in honor of their battle against PPA during the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2012.
For special dedication, go

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Awaiting the Results

Support the Climb of 5,164 – Donation Totals to be Released Friday 

Thank you to everyone that reunited with my “Papa” and supported the climb of 5,164!  It was a fantastic atmosphere and a memorable experience.  We won’t know the official total of donations until the end of this week as

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