NEW Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease

Grateful to my wife and parents for their tireless and endless support!

YOU made this happen!

Our research center was decades old. Our staff was on different floors and we knew we could do better for them and the people walking through our doors every day. As active Advisory Board Members at Northwestern Medicine, we knew we had to advocate and raise money for a more modern research facility. It was time!

Our goal was to double the size of our center’s footprint to maximize the work and collaboration being done by our researchers, clinicians and social workers at Northwestern Medicine. The design of the new center would not only be modern, but the floor plan would serve as a model for efficiency at Northwestern and for other research facilities around the world. While this would be a massive three-year undertaking, we ultimately knew this expansion would best serve the patients, families and medical staff.

After 3 years, YOU made this possible! We officially opened our new state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot research center! Because of YOU, we will push forward to advance this cause and treat patients and their families with the utmost care. This is an important step for our team who pours their hearts and minds into everything they have to fight (and run) against dementia!

The importance and passion behind our work!

In Honor of Papa

Our family is proud to have Papa’s legacy represented on the donor wall. He would be happy knowing that so many people will benefit from the research and treatment being conducted at this center.

Your contributions put into action

Construction began last year on this research facility, and as promised, this center was up and running by the end of 2018! Your support will help transform the work our team will be doing in the following ways:

1. Expanding the research center from 6,000 to 12,000 sq. feet to create an environment wherein researchers, clinicians, and social workers work side by side to bolster communication and collaboration leading to new discoveries and novel treatments.
2. Reducing the wait time for families looking to get their loved ones in to see our doctors and social workers.
3. Increasing the capacity to take on innovative research studies that lead us closer to the effective treatments.
4. Conducting research on how the brain coordinates mental functions, transferring the benefits of research to afflicted patients and preparing future scientists and clinicians in their field.

The Brain Bank: each box represents one deceased person’s brain which is carefully sliced and analyzed by researchers to better understand the affects of dementia.

Want to Join one of our research studies?

Our research studies lead to better understanding of and future treatments for these diseases. Most of our research takes place at our Center located in downtown Chicago. To join our research registry and learn more about our active research studies, click here. Our work is possible thanks to the generosity of our research participants — we appreciate you.

At this center, our team will continue to investigate the causes and clinical characteristics of neurodegenerative diseases, ensure that our patients are the beneficiaries of the latest advances and explore the neural foundations of behavior and cognition in health and disease. Areas of clinical emphasis include the following conditions: Alzheimer’s Disease, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Frontotemporal Degeneration, and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Marsel Mesulam using a super microscope to enhance the size of a slide on the adjacent computer screen showing the human brain.

What’s Next?

As 2019 continues to roll on, we have plenty of work ahead and have no intention of slowing down as a team. And of course, R4P has some big plans on the racing circuit to proactively raise awareness for this cause. Stay tuned for a big announcement this summer…I promise it won’t disappoint!

Until, then, we look forward to returning to our home away from home.

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