From Surgery to the Great Wall of China

Patient Jason Boschan & Dr. Piasecki

Watch how Dr. Dana Piasecki, my Orthopedic Surgeon helped me comeback from a devastating injury to my rotator cuff. At the time of my injury, I was devastated, depressed and scared beyond belief. I couldn’t lift my right arm above my waist.

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2012 R4P Montage

315 Days of Memories – Journey from Start to Finish

AT LONG LAST! Here is the FINAL R4P montage video of this campaign: a look-back from START to FINISH and everything in between. What exactly can be accomplished in 315 Days? PLENTY!
With a total of 9

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My Great Wall of China Marathon Run

The World’s Toughest Marathon
A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step
315 days ago, I was staring at a screen with a only 12 characters:
Below the title? A flashing cursor and a blank screen. Fast forward to today – May 19th,

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Run4Papa Meets Washington

My first Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon

Ever wanted to run around Washington’s most famous national treasures? Run4Papa got that opportunity by running in the 2012 Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon!

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Turkey Bowl V…For Papa and PPA

 F.A.M.I.L.Y. 10, Dark Team 7 
The 5th Annual Turkey Bowl began like many years before with each team getting together for their own pre-game rituals (which will remain behind closed doors for tradition-sake), and meeting at Andover Field at 9am sharp, on Black Friday morning. The F.A.M.I.L.Y. always rides together

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Turkey Bowl V

Turkey Bowl V…For Papa & PPA

GameDay: 365 Days of Waiting…0 days to go!
Who wants it more?

To donate, go to: PPA Research and Education Fund (Run4Papa)
Where & When? Andover Field –  November 25th, 2011, 9:00 AM
What happens when arch rivals decide to

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Thunder Road Half Marathon

Once is Enough. Bring on the Ice!

Coming into the Thunder Road half marathon in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was keenly aware of the race reputation: tons of declines v. inclines that test the calf muscles and will power of most runners. They don’t call it Thunder Road for no reason!
There are several different mentalities

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